Second Week Thoughts

Hello again!

Phew what a week!  I have had the greatest week meeting new brides and learning about their special day, their engagements and the loves of their lives.

It's been two weeks since I cut that beautiful ribbon and welcomed everyone in.  I believe that everyone who has walked through the doors has seen my vision and realized what I have been striving for since the first day that we ripped carpet out of this space.  I have forever wanted all women to embrace their inner goddess, to love the sparkle and glitter in life.

How do you do that you may ask?  Well funny I think I know or at least I  am learning and passing it along to each person who walks in.  I believe by wanting to really get to know the people walking in, to really care about their story and want them to feel the most beautiful they can feel.  Being genuine for people and love!  I know right I may possibly be in love with love! Guess what I am in the right business then.

This week I have learned that each and every one of us have something we don't like about our selves AND that the people in our lives who love us never see that!  My advise when you come dress shopping...remember that the man who put the ring on it....loves you exactly the way you are!  NO diets or gyms with change that.  My last word of advise and I am done for this week.  Come in with an open mind...let each one of my beauties have the opportunity to speak to you sometimes you will be surprised!  Alright I am done for now....cheers to love and weddings!