First Week! Wow

Hello All!

It's been quite a week so far!  What a journey I have been on.  The store is unbelievably beautiful, I envisioned it and it came to life just as I wanted.  The pinks and silvers look simply gorgeous. I hope all of you will love it like I do!  I feel like I am introducing my new baby and hoping everyone loves her the way I do.

This week has been busy, fun and an adventure all rolled into one.  Meeting brides, their moms and friends is the one reason I wanted to be in this business.  To help each one of you is my dream!  I have had those asking for simple, elaborate and everything in between.  Looks like lace is here to stay and brides in Maine love Ivory AND White!

I am learning every day what each bride might want to see in the store, how they want to look and feel for that special day.  Speaking on learning, websites are challenging, Facebook is my friend and you shouldn't wait too long to catch up on quickbooks.  LOL just alittle laugh for this new business owner.

It seems that outdoor and barn venues are quite popular for next year.  How awesome in this beautiful state we live in to be able to plan around the stunning backdrop mother nature creates.

So there are a few of my random thoughts on my first week open.  I can't wait to see where this new adventure takes me and to meet more people on the journey.

Thank you all for a great first week!